Join me on national Give OUT Day, May 9, to support United Way Arise Project and fight LGBT youth homelessness!

My name is Mike Augustyniak and I'm a meteorologist at WCCO. Here's some of my background - I received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in atmospheric science and hold the American Meteorological Society Television Seal of Approval.

I'm a United Way Arise Project 'OUTrepreneur'. I'm raising funds on the first ever, national Give OUT Day, to support the LGBT community, in particular Arise Project programs that help fight youth homelessness.

Dealing with the pressures of growing up can be difficult, even with a network of supportive friends and family members. Growing up without a team of cheerleaders - or, worse yet, being made to feel like an outsider because of who you are - can be devastating.

Fixing the LGBT youth homelessness problem begins with changing attitudes... and that happens when those with a voice speak up for the voiceless. I'm grateful for this opportunity to Give OUT my message of compassion, understanding and kindness, and I appreciate your donation to help United Way's Arise Project! I hope you'll join me - are you IN for Give OUT Day?!

Please make a gift now!

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