Our mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.

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MEUSA Empowers Grassroots Leaders

Marriage Equality USA recruits, empowers and trains local supporters throughout the country to get engaged and step up into leadership roles in their communities in support of the marriage equality movement. One of our organizational goals is to encourage open activism with minimal control while maintaining functionality. Volunteer leaders participate in monthly national leadership calls, receive media training and talking point assistance, handle public speaking opportunities and are provided event tool kits to help them be successful.

MEUSA Media Campaigns

We believe the most powerful way to persuade people to support marriage equality is to tell our stories and put real faces to both the harms of marriage discrimination and the joys of marriage equality. Greater awareness lessens the fears and misconceptions around same-sex couples and their families. That is why MEUSA actively sponsors and engages in letter-writing to publications, large media events and press conferences, statewide rallies, speak-outs, and other high-profile activities. We believe exposure through film, TV commercials, and print ads are extremely effective. By putting same-sex marriage in the news, we can ensure visibility of the issue.

MEUSA Community Gatherings

Marriage Equality USA organizes several annual events, including the national marriage counter actions on Valentine's Day, Tax Day Actions in April, and Coast-to-Coast Bridgewalks. Chapters host many other community rallies and events to bring people together and have them actively participate in this civil rights movement. Marriage Equality USA has generated thousands of news articles highlighting local same-sex couples and their supporters. The Media Team responds to media inquiries seeking to speak directly to same-sex couples who seek the freedom to marry.

MEUSA Speaking Engagements

Marriage Equality USA has a deep bench of knowledgeable local marriage equality experts who can participate in presentations, panels, forums, and debates to engage and educate the public.

MEUSA Educational Outreach

Marriage Equality USA has brochures, heart stickers, postcards, posters and other materials available for volunteer leaders to use in their local educational outreach actions.

MEUSA Coalition Building

We thrive on the support of coalition. We are dedicated to collaborating and cooperating with other organizations and social movements to achieve common goals. Marriage Equality hosts a non-branded coalition event website, shares our conference call service with ohter organizations and works with coalition partners on national actions.

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