Educating, preparing & training the NEXT generation of LGBTQ leaders in journalism and multimedia platforms to ensure inclusion & equality.

Social movements rely on mass media to mobilize support, validate their need and broaden awareness and perspective so society will pay attention. How a social movement is perceived in the public eye is strongy influenced by the strategy and quality of the media's representation of the facts, plight, relevance and nature of the movement.

The LGBTQ civil rights, social justice and equality movement has faced decades of moral, political, institutional and societal opposition, leaving legislation and the popular vote to dictate and enforce a notion that we as LGBTQ individuals should accept a position as second class citizens.

Through the power of community, social media, multimedia coverage and the unification of a broader LGBTQ population that mobilized behind a common cause, we have witnessed a significant shift in the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors held and directed towards our community in recent years.

Now, in 2013, our voices hold the attention of the Supreme Court and the nation, as one of our most fundamental constitutional rights is being challenged under the guise of Marriage Equality.

The tide has definitively turned, and we owe this victory in large part to those who vehemently fought with persistence and conviction, and to the role taken on by social media extensions and multimedia outlets who helped us broadcast the message that we as an LGBTQ community deserve and are entitled to equality and equal treatment under the law.

We recognize that the fight for equality is far from over, but stand proud as we look back and savor the fruits of our labor, mobilization and advocacy efforts. To ensure that we continue gaining momentum, sharing the truth behind our stories and covering topics of interest and importance to our community, we must proactively educate, train and prepare the NEXT generation of leaders in journalism and multimedia. It is this NEXT generation who will carry on the torch of our cause and movement and who will have the responsibility to accurately report on and broadcast our stories to society and the world at large.

This is the essence and reason behind the mission of the Frontiers Awareness & Education Foundation. Without journalism and media, no stories told. Without educated. trained and prepared LGBTQ leaders in journalism and multimedia, we only have the mainstream media to rely on to relay our voices, and accurately portray our stories and struggles in a manner that best serves the interests of our community.

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