The mission of Basic Rights Education Fund (Basic Rights) is to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Oregonians truly experience equality. We grew out of the community response to anti-gay ballot measures that plagued our state for more than twenty years. We take a movement-building approach focusing on three program areas: Racial Justice & Alliance Building, Transgender Justice and building support for the Freedom to Marry.

Our Racial Justice & Alliance Building program centers the leadership and experiences of LGBT people of color, while building a powerful movement within LGBT and communities of color in Oregon. We have provided our racial justice education series to more than 1,000 LGBT and allied activists to promote community action in campaigns led by people of color.

Our Transgender Justice program seeks to build a strong, vibrant movement for trans justice in Oregon. We led Oregon to become the first state to clarify that painfully common transgender-specific health insurance exclusions violate Oregon law, dramatically increasing access to trans-inclusive health care in our state and are working to secure trans-inclusive health care coverage through the Oregon Health Plan and other public insurance programs administered by the state.

Through a robust public education campaign over a number of years, we have built majority support for the Freedom to Marry in Oregon. We have cultivated a diverse coalition, deepened leadership in key constituencies across the state, and empowered every day Oregonians to speak from the heart about why marriage matters.

Even with these wins under our belt there is much work to be done. With your support we will continue to work, heart and soul, towards the full LGBTQ equality that our communities deserve.

Basic Rights Education Fund is a member of the Equality Federation.

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